10 Amazing New Start-Ups by NYU Students & Alumni


NYU’s history has been filled with entrepreneurial spirit, and NYU start-ups get mentioned all the time in the news. This summer is no exception with these ten creative and innovative ideas from the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s Summer Launchpad… all developed by NYU students and recent alumni!

1. PeekBite. Being a student in NYC means that time is precious, and it’s not always easy to fit healthy food into a cramped schedule. PeekBite promises to deliver freshly-prepared, healthy food to you in just 10 minutes, right from your computer or mobile device. WIN.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.53.19 AM.png

2. HireCanvas. There are thousands of universities across the world teaching millions of students how to start successful careers. HireCanvas tracks recruitment events and career fairs you attend and companies you express interested in. In other words, one place for students to seamlessly find and apply for work opportunities. Got some competition, CareerNet?

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